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Books are now available for purchase through your local independent bookseller (go to the IndieBound logo above to find yours!), or your normal online sources. Printed softcover books are available to order from this website, and I will ship them out promptly. E-books are available by contacting me directly. 

As a prospective buyer of my book, you have many options in terms of how to "vote with your dollars." I will explain my preferences. First, I support my local independent book store here in my town, and I hope you do the same . They have a club where, for $25 a year I get a 20% discount off of all my books, which generally matches the leading online bookseller (this is a better price than Amazon's!). Second, they can order me anything I want if they don't have it in stock, and it usually gets here in three to five days without me having to pay for shipping. Third, there are real people there who live and work in my community. I suggest you seek out and support your local independent bookstore, because otherwise they will no longer be there.

Second, you can purchase the book directly through me. The link above will allow you to order a softcover book, and I'll ship it out to you as soon as possible. In terms of supporting our communities, my goal each year is to make signifiant contributions (usually averaging about 5% of my income) to organizations who help those who are less fortunate. This is in addition to my 1% for the Planet membership. So if you buy the book from me a portion of the proceeds will go to help less advantaged people and our world.

If you choose to purchase from a mega-online-retailer, be sure to ask them about the paper that they will be using (since as an author I have no influence). I'm a strong advocate for 30% post-consumer recycled paper or either the Forest Stewardship Council or Sustainable Forest Initiative certification programs for responsible paper sourcing. It may not make a difference in the short run, but we all need to advocate for responsible resource use. Of course, you can always buy the e-book if you wish.


Thanks for your support!